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Dragon Seer

Cover of Dragon Seer

Published by HarperCollins Canada, available June 2009

pictish beast border

Although she was forced into slavery as a child, Madoca never felt like a slave. At the annual Gathering of her people, inside a circle of ancient standing stones, she is chosen to become the next dragon seer and overnight, her life changes. Now, she must train to become a leader of her people, and one who will care for the dragons and master their ancient magic.  

Dragon Seer is a fantasy set in 8th century Orkney. Orkney is a group of over 70 islands, large and small, off the northern coast of Scotland. When we visited there in 2005, I was looking for dragons. What I found was a landscape that fired my imagination.

To find out more about the places in my book and how they match up to the real map of present day Orkney, go to my Places in Dragon Seer page. This page links to a number of related pages in my website and to many external links, including some 360 degree panorama of actual settings used in my story.

The people who lived in Orkney at the time Dragon Seer is set are now known as the Picts. To find out more, go to my Pictish Nation page.

The Picts
drew elaborate and unique symbols on their symbol stones, art work and jewelry which hint at a rich culture, now completely lost. One of the most mysterious is called the "Pictish beast" or sometimes even the "swimming elephant." I asked my friend Jennifer Morgan to draw this symbol for me. Here's her excellent representation. I based the border on this page on her artwork.
Pictish beast by Jennifer Morgan

 Most of the Pictish symbols represent real animals. What if the Pictish beast was a creature they actually lived with, one that was important to the culture? This was the starting point for Dragon Seer.  If you'd like to have fun with this image, here's a page of Pictish Beast Designs to print out or copy.

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Unless otherwise noted, the photos on these pages were taken by me during a trip to Orkney in 2005 with generous support from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council.

pictish beast border